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Delivery when you want it

Rush, Same Day, Next Day


Fetchit provides a new last mile delivery solution. Whether you want to integrate Fetchit into your ecommerce site or simply book a local delivery today, we’ve got you covered.

Ontario  GTA, Ottawa, Barrie, St.Catharines
Quebec  Montreal
Alberta  Calgary

How it works

The fastest way to deliver anything

Leave Your Deliveries To Us

Stop worrying about owning and managing a fleet.
One of our thousand's of trained drivers are nearby and ready to fulfill your request.

You don't want to deal with delivery

We know that you'd much rather be doing what you love - managing your business and selling your product, instead of dealing with delivery support.
With Fetchit's excellent service record, eliminate two birds with one stone!

You want to increase your profit.

We know that shipping expenses claim up sizable portion of net ecommerce revenue. Most retailers pad the delivery into their product pricing, or let it eat into profits.
With Fetchit, you can increase your bottom line and make the customer happy at the same time!

You want to drive more big-item sales.

Have you lost customers because you did not have a convenient or same-day delivery solution to offer?
We keep hearing from our partners and customers that they would not have purchased that item had Fetchit not been available.
Fetchit gives your customers the flexibility they need to help you cycle more sales!

Safe, High-Quality Service

Our Fetchiteers are rigorously screened and continually rated. All deliveries are backed by commercial liability insurance.

Scheduling and Speed

Your customers can select  Same Day/Next Day with 1 hour delivery windows (8am-9pm, 365 days a year).

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Sick of cancellations? Fetchit’s fulfilment rate is 99.5%. Consider it delivered.


With fetchit.Dash, you receive a full web-based delivery logistics platform all for free! Your whole sales team can access the platfrom from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Request, monitor, and review multiple deliveries, it is the ultimate solution for managing your virtual delivery fleet.

Sounds great, what now?

It takes only a minute to sign up, and we will be in contact with you shortly to finalize the details and activate your account.

I am ready!

Click HERE to unlock your personal delivery fleet!
Your customers will thank you!

Trusted by

“Fetchit’s partnership with our store marks our commitment to adopting innovations that bring our customers a better overall customer experience”

Canadian Tire Store #654

“Fetchit helps deliver our goods to our workers fast and smoothly, saving us time and labour costs. ”

Norseman Construction & Development

“Fetchit provides great quality drivers so we trust that they will take care of delivering our artwork.”

Partial Inc.





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