Pickup Truck or Cargo Van? That’s the Question!

We often buy things that make us think we need a large vehicle to transport it from Point A to B. Overestimation in vehicle size can lead to a higher price for you as a customer. To help you save money, let’s look at the situations where we would choose a pick-up truck over a cargo van and vice versa!

When should you order a pick-up truck?

  • When the weather is nice and no rain is expected.
  • When something is extra tall or wide, a pick-up truck bed is better suited for this kind of task (elliptical, king-sized mattress and box-spring)
  • When you buy boxed furniture from IKEA, Costco or any other store.
  • When you need to transport a single item (couch, laundry machine, dining set, patio set or garbage to a processing station)
Fetchit Pickup Truck - 2 Futon Beds
Two futons!
Fetchit Pickup Truck Leather Couch
One 7ft Couch
Fetchit Pickup Truck Transporting a 3 piece bedroom set!
Bedroom Set!
Fetchit Pickup Truck moving a credenza
Teak Credenza!

When should I get a Cargo Van?

  • When rainy or snowy weather is a concern.
  • When you do a one-bedroom or condo move.
  • When transporting valuable things, like large paintings, antique furniture, or lots of electronics.
  • When direct sunlight for extended time is a concern for cargo.
Fetchit Cargo Van Filled Home Stager Goods
Fetchit Cargo Van Empty
Empty (5ft x 4ft opening)










To summarize, pick-up trucks are extremely capable in transporting those awesome couches that you found on Kijiji or a new purchase from IKEA. If you still don’t know whether you need a van or a pick-up truck feel free to contact us at support@gofetchit.ca or +1 (855) 999-9053 and we will gladly help you in selecting the right vehicle for your needs!

Happy Movings!

The Fetchit Team.