I want to get estimate for my next move

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Please visit https://book.gofetchit.ca and complete all fields in order to receive estimate and book your next move with us. If you are happy with the estimate, you can book immediately – just fill out the rest of the information so we can get everything in order.

If you have an Android smartphone you can download the Fetchit App (orange icon) and post the moving requests through there. Please make sure you provide enough information for a Fetchiteer, such as what is being moved and if you require 2 people or just the Fetchiteers help. Requesting additional help will result in additional charges.

If you are unsure about which vehicle to order for what you are moving – we can give suggestions. However, we put the ultimate responsibility in your hands. If the vehicle requested is too small and is unable to be completed, we will charge 50% of the job estimate to compensate the driver for coming out.