Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service area for Fetchit?

Currently we provide links within the GTA, however we are looking to expand! If you are interested in becoming a driver please fill in your information here

What times of the day can I order a Fetchit?

Whenever! However, late at night you may not find a driver who is still working. In that case, set the time for when you would like to pick it up, and as soon as a driver can accept your job he will!

How will I know my Fetchit driver has arrived?

Once your job has been accepted you will see the driver and his vehicle. You will receive a notification that he has arrived. You can also ask your driver to pick up an item for you and coordinate it through the chat function.

What if my items are up a flight of stairs, or I can not move them to the curb?

Each Fetchit estimate includes 10 minutes of free labour time. The driver will start the timer upon greeting the customer. If the item requires dismantling in order to reach the vehicle or there is longer distance to carry the items ( condo, stairs, elevators), once the 10 minutes is up the driver will be reimbursed $1.5 for every minute of labour. This is a fair way to compensate the driver if any unknowns should occur during the move.

Can my Fetchit Driver pick up a purchase for me?

Yes! Just attach a picture of the receipt or Pick Up Order to the job posting, and set the location of the pickup to the store it will be waiting for him at! You and your driver can chat or call each other from within to app to make sure everything is going smoothly!

Can my driver make stops along the way?

Currently Fetchit is only set up for single trips. If you have more than one vehicles’ worth of items you will need to post a second job or rent a driver.

I need a driver for a couple of hours and multiple trips, what are my options?

You can rent a driver and his vehicle for a minimum of 3 hours, up to a maximum of 8 hours. A driver is limited to within 150km of his starting point.

Can I ride along with my driver?

Fetchit has no insurance policy to cover passengers and is not a taxi service. Both driver and passenger are advised to proceed at their own risk.

How does the rating system work?

The rating systems ensures that the best drivers and movers are rewarded with more jobs, and helps us monitor both drivers and customers. Perks are given to the top scorers on a monthly basis!

How do I pay?

All payments happen through the app. When you post a job, a temporary authorization is placed on your card. It may appear on your bank statement, but you will not be charged until the job has been completed!

Are my items safe? What if they are damaged during the move?

If the damage is proven to have occurred during the move, then Fetchit will work with the user and driver to solve the problem. The drivers are professionals who have been given access to Fetchit’s services are taught the best methods for moving items safely, but unfotunately sometimes accidents happen. We will do our best to ensure you feel secure using Fetchit's services

Where can I download the app?

It is available on Google Play here and Apple iStore here.

Where can I find more information?

Please send us an email at We will respond within 24 hours!

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