Get that Kijiji bargain home with a bargain delivery service.

Fetchit will connect you with a Fetchiteer that'll help get that Kijiji find home instantly.

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Micro-moves! Anywhere, Anytime!

Never worry about the hassle of renting a moving van or pickup again!

We've all been there, browsing on Kijiji, just to stumble upon the perfect piece of furniture, the one that would complete our living room. And then, the sudden realization that there's no viable way to get it home.

Well no more! Next time you find that piece, rest assured that there's an easy and affordable way to bring it home without any hassle. Just request the Fetchiteer to show up at the seller's house and meet him there, he'll make sure that your new piece gets home and your living room is finally complete.

How it Works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.

Request in the App

Set your pickup and drop-off, choose the vehicle size, and when you need it.

We'll Take it From Here

Your Fetchiteer will arrive and load your stuff safely and securely. We'll see you at your destination!

Rate your Fetchiteer

We unload your items and place them right where you want them. Tell us about your experience!

Instant Delivery in the GTA With Just a Few Clicks!


Small Moves

Beds, dressers, tables, couches, boxes, and more!

Store Delivery (Ikea/Costco)

Easier, faster and most of the time cheaper than traditional store delivery options.

Kijiji & Craiglist Finds

Get your awesome finds home without leaving the house!

Small Businesses

We are the best alternative when time is money and you need to keep customers happy.

Junk Removal

We'll do it for you, so you can take back your weekend!

Storage Moves

Getting your things to and from storage when you need it.

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